Da Hood Roblox Wiki

Ro-Gangsters are eusocial specimens, which you can encounter when you stride inside of Da Hood. They are yet another digital subculture on Roblox and Da Hood that make up a good portion of Da Hood's playerbase. A Ro-Gangster typically is someone between the ages of 11-13 who try to recreate the real-life gang member in Roblox. These gangs can range from typical street gangs like Bloods and Crips all the way to MS-13.


Ro-Gangsters have a bipolar thought process, and will sometimes be unpredictable They appear to speak in a communication method, that of which may be exclusive to those in their species. Cause the name "gang" is in the word "gangster", there are guaranteed to be different groups of Ro-Gangsters in every server you join. They will often rival each other.

There other species of Ro-Gangster, but they tend to stick to the more cool-headed mafia variants, rather than their 11 year old rap-obsessed suburban-dwelling kid counterparts.These are known as Ro-Mobsters.

If you stumble upon a group of Ro-Gangsters chances are you might get into a bit of trouble.

In Battle-

When engaged with a Ro-Gangster many things can occur.

If they (the Ro-Gangster) win-

  1. The Ro-Gangster will win. They will then reload their shotgun, then wander off.
  2. Another gang will appear, assaulting the Ro-Gangsters distracting them.
  3. If they are in a battle with another gang and if you have white skin in the game and walk past them, everyone targets you. If you go on top of the roof on a house, they will go on top of the bank and try to shoot you with a shotgun from afar, like an 8 year old playing fortnite for the first time.

If you win-

  1. Often times they will insult you racially or vulgarly.
  2. Using Discord or some other Chinese spyware app, they will call their fellow preteens to target you.
  3. Immediately afterwards you get gunned down by some exploiter because that's their friend.

How to Defeat

  1. If you can, try to find a rival gang, but this method wouldn't likely work as the species here are aggressive and will attack you.
  2. Some of them prefer to beat you to death with any object they find, these subspecies of Ro-Gangster have 1 mortal enemy: Weight Lifters. This is due to the sheer physical strength of Bufflads.
  3. You can acquire an RPG because of its "low" cost and 1 shot damage.
  4. If you go on top of a roof of a house, try and shoot at them with a rifle/pistol. They would not be able to hit you since they are on the bank roof shooting at you with a shotgun. If they DO hit you, its ok because it only took away a fraction of your health.
  5. Make your own gang and turn the server into a warzone. This is insanely hard to do especially if your not popular or have a lot of friends.


Stitchface - 4000

Zombie Animation - 500

Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People (black) (seen while wearing royal blood beanie) - 95

Royal Blood Beanie - free

Clean Spiny Spikes - 80